Event Guidelines

Guidance for Event Planning, Approvals, and Follow-Ups

This Guidance may be helpful to you as you fill out the event approval form, but it is not a substitute for your judgment, and SJP may require additional information or additional planning before we can approve of an event. You must submit your event to SJP at least one week in advance. Larger public parties should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.


Hosts are responsible before, during, and to the end time of any event that they are hosting, as well as for the required follow-up. Hosts must ensure compliance with the Alcohol Policy, University rules, and state and local law. Hosts are responsible for both the event plan and for ensuring that the event actually follows the plan submitted to SJP. Changes to the event plan must be approved by SJP before the event can take place. Misrepresenting information on the event form, leaving out important information because the form didn’t ask a specific question, or failing to follow the event plan, may lead to University-level charges and disciplinary proceedings against the host(s) or the college. Any questions about the event plan or changes to the event plan should be forwarded to the Programming Specialist (cdw3@rice.edu) or SJP (sjp@rice.edu) immediately. Though meetings are not required for most events, the professional staff of SJP would be glad to meet with you in advance to help you plan your party.


  1. List the type and amount of alcohol (i.e. beer, wine, etc) that will be served:
    1. If a keg, indicate the size of the keg (i.e. 1/2 barrel keg, 1/4 barrel keg, mini keg)
      1. 1/2 barrel keg = 165 servings
      2. 1/4 barrel (pony) keg = 82 servings
      3. 1/6 barrel = 56 servings
      4. Mini keg = 14 servings
    2. If a case of beer, indicate the number of bottles or cans in the case
    3. If bottles or boxes of wine, indicate the number of ounces in the bottle or boxes
      1. 750ml bottle of wine = 5 servings
  2. Provide calculations for the total number of drinks that will be provided for the total attendance (2 kegs = 165 * 2 = 330 servings / 500 total over 21 attendance = .66 drinks per person/hour)
  3. Limit the alcohol to no more than one serving per person over the age of 21 per hour
  4. If a 3rd party vendor is serving the alcohol, include the bonding certificate1
  5. If Valhalla or Willy’s Pub is providing servers, please indicate that in the “Notes” section
  6. Indicate that all beverages will be served in clear cups or their original containers

Event Plan

  1. Give the social purpose and theme of the event (i.e., specify any additional details of the event on the event form)
  2. Give the location of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages (attached floor plan, if available)
  3. Specify the type and amount of food that will be provided (i.e., food has to be equivalent to the expected attendance for the event)
  4. Specify the type and amount of non-alcoholic beverage that will be provided; non-alcoholic beverages must be available in sufficient quantities to provide an attractive alternative to the alcoholic beverages at the event
    1. A 2-liter of soda includes approximately 8 servings.
  5. Indicate that water will be provided at the event


  1. Give a plan for how and where people will be checked and identified as over the age of 21 (remember: IDs must always be checked when wristbands are distributed AND at the point of service)
  2. State that you will only serve one drink per person at a time
  3. Mention that intoxicated students will be refused service and referred to REMS or Caregivers (as necessary)
  4. If non-Rice people can attend the event, list how they will be registered and the total number of non-Rice people that will be allowed
  5. Indicate your plan for responding to potential alcohol violations
  6. Give the number of security members that will be provided at the event
  7. Indicate how the alcohol will be kept separate from general public (i.e., placed behind a table with security present, fenced off in a clearly defined separate area, etc.)
  8. Indicate whether RA or Masters will be present at the event
  9. Indicate that you will post a copy of your SJP approval at the point of alcohol service


  1. List Caregivers that have been through the Student Wellbeing Office Caregiving training program
  2. List several male and female Caregivers (i.e. Caregivers total varies depending on size of the event)
  3. Larger events will require a minimum of 6 Caregivers (i.e. – Annual public parties, NOD, etc.)

Additional Consideration for Larger Events (i.e. Public College Parties)

  1. Contact RUPD to review the event plan prior to the event getting approved:
    1. Event approval by RUPD and EMS will require additional time – events requiring approval should be submitted at least two weeks in advance
    2. Hosts should also schedule a walk-through with SJP, RUPD and REMS before the event date
  2. Give a detailed description of the layout of the event and include a diagram
  3. Give the location of the entrance and exits for the event
  4. Give the location of the Caregiving room and what food/drinks will be available in the room
  5. Provide any additional information about Caregivers for the event (i.e. if Caregivers will be working in separate shifts, indicate the time period and number of Caregivers for each shift)
  6. Indicate how students providing security will be easily identifiable (by T-shirts, sashes, etc.)
  7. If security members will be working separate shifts, indicate the time period and number of security members for each shift
  8. Think about communication during the event and make sure that everyone working the event (e.g. hosts, servers, security, Caregivers, RUPD, EMS) has contact information for SJP and/or REMS (in case of an emergency)

Follow-Up (After the Event)

  1. Upload all receipts:
    1. If food or alcohol was donated for the event, provide an invoice, email, or other documentation proof of the amount and type of donation that was made (this includes food provided by the serveries for your event)
    2. If you cannot provide documentation proof of a donation or cannot provide a receipt, have your College Master send an email to SJP verifying the presence and amount of the item in question
  2. Give the number of wristbands – this should equate to the total number of people who consumed alcohol at your event (or the total number over the age of 21 who attended the event)
  3. Give the amount of alcohol left over and how you disposed of it:
    1. Left over alcohol is NOT for individual student consumption
    2. Any alcohol left over should be thrown away or given to a staff member (usually the College Masters) for use at a later event
  4. List the people who provided security at the event and their shifts, where applicable


When in doubt about how to complete the Event Form, contact the Programming Specialist (cdw3@rice.edu) or SJP (sjp@rice.edu). If something about your event changes, get those changes approved by SJP by email or phone (if necessary). Rice encourages students to think through ways to make an event fun for everyone as well as safe and compliant with the Rice Alcohol Policy.

1 A bonding certificate is a document showing that the outside party serving alcohol at your event has the necessary insurance company coverage. An example bonding certificate is given on the last page of this document.

Download this document as a PDF.