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Lisa Zollner




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Ms. Zollner is a Rice alumna (WRC 1999). She spent seven years practicing law, primarily civil litigation, before returning to Rice to direct the Office of Student Judicial Programs. A policy studies and political science major at Rice, after graduation Ms. Zollner worked at the non-profit research organization, Hudson Institute, before attending law school. At Hudson Institute, she worked with the local police department’s domestic violence unit, as well with the county probation and parole offices and county lockup facility, interviewing probationers, parolees, and arrestees.


Emily Garza

Student Conduct Officer



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Before joining the Office of Student Judicial Programs Ms. Garza provided legal counsel and guidance to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Through her seven-year experience in this field, she has gained an in-depth understanding of the issues that arise in these matters. Ms. Garza is a graduate of Trinity University and Texas Tech School of Law. She has practiced law since 2005, previously focusing on the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault and family law in her staff attorney positions with the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program and the Texas Advocacy Project in Austin.



SJP articulates and enforces the expectations of the Rice University community. These expectations are written in our Code of Student Conduct, Alcohol Policy, Sexual Misconduct Policy, and in other Rice documents. The expectations for behavior at Rice arise from our shared values as a community; the written rules in these documents memorialize those shared community values.


For more information about SJP, please feel free to make an appointment to talk about any questions you have. The professional staff in SJP welcome the opportunity to meet with students to talk about the work we do. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions


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